Wonderful Health Beneficial Properties of Lemon

29. December 2016 Lemon 0
Wonderful Health Beneficial Properties of Lemon

Lemon, an acidic citrus fruit which is easily available throughout the year has a bright yellow outer skin and light colored inner one. This small looking fruit is packed with many incredible health benefits. Slightly bitter and sour taste juice of the lemon is the key ingredient of many health beneficial and popular drinks and recipes. You can prepare a number of flavored juices and health drinks, using this small size and yellow colored lemon. So it is considered as the fruit with lots of medicinal importance. The taste of lemon is acidic, but when goes into the body I become alkaline, so it can maintain the high acidic body environment easily.

Unavoidable Health Benefits of Lemon:

Weight Loss: Lemonade or lemon mixed with water is an important part of any detoxification program, which helps in weight loss and can cleanse the human body.

Anti Cancer: It contains natural limonene oil, which can halt and slow down the growth of cancer tumor, moreover the flavonol glycosides of lemon can stop the cell division process in cancer patients.

Foot Relaxation: The antiseptic and aromatic agent of lemon helps in foot relaxation. If you have pain in your feet, then in warm water just squeeze a lemon and dip your feet in the water, it will heal and relax your feet.

Dental Care: If you have toothache, then just apply fresh lemon juice on your teeth to get rid of toothache. Applying lemon on the gums can stop blood flow and eliminate bad mouth odor, which can arise due to certain foods like onion.

High Blood Pressure: The potassium of lemon helps in treating a few health related issues like high blood pressure as well, including the heart deceases.

Pain Reliever: Lemon has the pain reliever qualities, the fragrant volatile oil of lemon can produce the anti inflammatory effect and relax the blood vessels.

Throat Infection: The antibacterial properties of lemon can treat the throat infection.

Digestion: The acid of lemon can stimulate the stomach acid production, which promote the bowel movement and prevent constipation by improving the digestion system.

Nausea and Vomiting: Drinking a glass of lemon juice, (lemon mixed with water), it can treat the travel sickness and nausea, even just by sucking m=lemon wedges can give you relaxation in nausea.

Cough and Cold: The flavonoids and citric acid of lemon, it can help in fighting the infection of cold and cough.

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