Why Mint should be your friend?

25. September 2017 Mint 0
Why Mint should be your friend?

When you hear the word mint, perhaps the first thing comes to our mind is breath fresheners or cool mocktail or some sort of an ice-cream. But these are not the only purposes for which this herb is used. Mint has a very old history along with numerous health benefits and medical benefits.

Mint leaves have a very strong pungent flavor and refreshing scent. Though it is used in the preparation of many recipes, it is equally good to eat fresh as well. Chewing whole mint leaves provides nutritional benefits & wards off medical problems. A small leaf of mint contains many essential vitamins & minerals that are required by our body to function properly. Even though the nutrients present are not in high quantities, but they are enough to maintain good health and provide a nutritional balance. Mint leaves have Iron, an important mineral to make red blood cells, small amounts of Vitamin A, Potassium & Fiber.So, let me share with you why you need to befriend green Mint:

  • Weight Management – Surprising but true! Mint leaves are a magical ingredient when it comes to reducing weight. Chewing mint leaves stimulates digestive enzymes responsible for absorbing nutrients & fat from food and converting into energy.
  • Cure digestion problems – Indigestion and gas are common problems with many people today due to poor eating habits. Indigestion and gas are highly uncomfortable. Eating mint leaves improves the flow of bile and eases the whole digestion process.
  • Strong memory – Mint leaves are an excellent boost for memory retention. Studies have shown that people who eat mint gums have good levels of mental alertness & memory retention. Fresh mint leaves provide a direct benefit for increasing memory power.
  • Calm seasonal allergies – Mint has healthy levels of naturally allergy inhibiting compounds. Fresh Mint leaves are potent in relieving seasonal allergies and also for reducing internal inflammation.
  • Reliving stress or headaches – Chew some fresh mint leaves when experiencing stress or a headache. You will find it quite effective.
  • Fighting nausea – Refreshing aroma of mint leaves is known to curb nauseatic feeling.

So, apart from using this humble herb in your delicacies, start using it fresh for controlling health problems. Mint can be used in variety of forms as well as at the same time can be used for treating

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