Turmeric – the golden color of health

Turmeric – the golden color of health

There is nothing like drinking steaming hot herbal tea when you are back from a hectic day. Drinking organic tea can increase your daily fluid intake along with the other health benefits. From easing an upset belly to providing a sense of calm, there are varieties of herbal tisanes that are easily available.

How golden tea benefits our human body?

Everything we breathe, drink or eat today is toxic, no matter how much we take care of hygiene. Some parts of toxins are always present in our daily food products. As a result, our body is overburdened and stressed trying to keep up with the attack of pollutants. When our body is unable to defend from the attack, the poisonous substance keeps accumulating in us, making our health suffer in major ways. The best way to keep you healthy is to avoid eating processed food and use chemical free products to lower down the toxin levels in our body. Another good way to keep you fit and healthy is to use herbs and spices that help in removing these toxins. Turmeric is a well known Ayurvedic spice that can have many health benefits.

Turmeric tea is one of the Ayurvedic teas that are easily available in the market today. Also, because of its yellow color, it is often referred to as golden tea as well. The reason it is considered as an Ayurvedic tea is because the spice is an herbal product that has been used since ages as a natural ingredient to cure ailments.

Benefits of turmeric

Anti-inflammatory gel – Because of turmeric anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used as a potent antiseptic to heal wounds, cuts, bruises or on skin infections. It is quite helpful in cure itchiness and patches in measles and chickenpox.

Prevents cancer – Cancer is a scary disease and turmeric has proved to provide promising health prospects to prevent cancer. There are countries in South-east Asia, where turmeric drink is their staple drink and people in the country are observed to have long healthy living lives.

Prevents liver disease – Consuming healthy and natural foods is the best way to keep your liver function intact. Turmeric is a liver supportive spice that helps in detoxifying the liver, thereby reducing the chances of liver diseases.

Beauty benefits – Turmeric is not only good for improving health but is also great in enhancing beauty. When used with other natural cleansing products it can improve your complexion as well as make your skin glow.

There are many ways of incorporating turmeric root in your life. You can use it in your food or take supplements like turmeric pills. But the best and easy way is to sip a tasty and comforting cup of Golden (turmeric) tea that is lightly spiced and extremely delicious.

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