Thyme Tea a Pure Healing Tonic

21. April 2017 Thyme Tea 0
Thyme Tea a Pure Healing Tonic

Thyme, botanically known as Thymus vulgaris, is a garden herb that has been in use since ancient times for medicinal and cooking purposes. It is rated as one of the healthiest food available in the world. A delicate looking herb with a strong fragrance, thyme can be a wonderful addition to a variety of dishes.

It is the most preferred herb for curing a cough or a sore throat. Thyme tea is rich in volatile oils, minerals, beneficial phenols, and flavonoids make it a super healthy beverage. It is a good source of copper, fiber, iron, and manganese. Thyme tea is often recommended, as it promotes good digestion and relieve gas and bloating.

Thyme is used in various organic and natural skin care products nowadays. Due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties, it is a common ingredient in mouthwash.

Thyme is packed with various minerals also. It is a good source of potassium which helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Thyme tea is also part of different weight loss programs as it, can complement your dietary treatment, help you lose weight and shrink your abdomen.

Thyme oil is also used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes as it has the presence of active substance carvacrol. Use of thyme oil daily generates positive feelings. An aqueous extract from thyme helps in reducing blood pressure in situations of hypertension. Thyme is loaded with antioxidants which keep your body healthy by preventing infections and ailments.

Thyme tea combined with honey is often given to children for sound sleep as it keeps bad dreams at bay. This special herb has various health promoting properties, due to which it becomes part of every healthy household. So drinking thyme tea regularly helps in preventing and curing various health problems. It also helps in maintain a healthy lifestyle.
So have a great sip of thyme tea for perfect health.

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