Super nutrient Calcium

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Super nutrient Calcium

The average human body uses 99% of Calcium in the body to maintain bone & teeth health. Apart from this, calcium also plays an important role in muscle contractions, nerve signaling, blood clotting and release of hormones. Low levels of calcium in the body can lead to weakness and fatigue. Therefore, it is imperative to consume Calcium on daily basis on some of the other forms. Milk and other dairy products are the very good source of Calcium.

Several studies conducted worldwide have established a direct relationship between healthy Calcium levels in the body to the long-term healthy weight management. Hence, it is recommended to take recommended daily doses of Calcium, especially through herbal and natural means. Some of the benefits Calcium brings are:

Maintain bone strength – primary benefit of calcium is to maintain bone & dental health. Strong bones and teeth help in preventing skeletal issues like Arthritis or Osteoporosis.

Good for cardiac muscles – healthy Calcium levels helps cardiac muscles to contract & relax properly. Calcium not only regulates muscle function, but also aids in maintaining right pressure in arteries, which is important for healthy cardiac function. Low levels of Calcium may lead to increased blood pressure.

Fights obesity – Calcium plays an important role in maintaining body weight. It regulates Thyroid function which further controls weight gain.

Prevent kidney stones – Kidney stones are nothing but the crystallized form of Calcium deposits with other minerals. Recent studies have shown that healthy Calcium levels lead to better Renal (Kidney) function and less stone formation. This is contrary to earlier incorrect beliefs that Calcium led kidney stones.

Calcium as a mineral should be part of daily diet, but as I always say – in moderation.

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