Red Rose – A Healthy Dose

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Red Rose – A Healthy Dose

The rose plant originated from Asia and today it is grown in many parts of the globe like Europe, North America, North Africa and others. It has more than 100 species and belongs to the Rosaceae family. Many people know it as an ornamental flower as it is mostly used for decoration purposes. Apart from this it also has a number of medicinal properties and health benefits. Get to know the therapeutic properties of the rose plant:

Presence of vital vitamins

The vitamins which are found in a rose plant are: vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B3, apart from this the other components, which are present in this vitamin-enriched plant are flavonoids, anthocyanins, and glycosides.


Rose plant has proven to possess antidepressant properties and it has been proven through studies that it can reduce depression and relax the body and mind.

Effective against any cardiovascular or heart problem

Rose plant can be effective in improving the functionality of any heart disease. They have been proved as the best agent to cure any cardiovascular problem. A number of compounds are present in the plant, which can improve the heart health and provide it more strength.

Other benefits

Rose plant also contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can improve the skin tone and is also often used in eye drops. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties and therefore can be used to treat and cure eye diseases. It can also treat ulcers, nausea, urinary infections, dehydration, sore throat and digestive problems. Rose plant is also used in the treatment of chicken pox and measles.

How to use: Rose plant can be used in a number of ways and a few popular ways are Rose Water, Rose Tea, Rose Jam, etc. Rose tea is a rather effective way of including rose in your diet.

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