Powerhouse of nutrients – Guar Beans

Powerhouse of nutrients – Guar Beans

Flattened they may look, but are highly beneficial for human health. Cluster beans or also known as Guar beans, a flattened form of French beans. They are slightly bitter in taste but a great source of fiber, protein and other nutrients. It also contains various vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

Some known benefits of Cluster Beans

Prevent digestion problems – Guar gum is a water soluble fiber and contains laxative properties. Being a great laxative, it enhances the function of the digestive tract. It also help remove toxic and dangerous fluids accumulated during the bowel movement. Patients suffering from chronic diseases like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s disease or Colitis, should consume guar beans regularly.

Boost Cardio health – Guar beans are known as heart healthy food. Due to the abundance of dietary fibers, it helps in reducing cholesterol levels in blood vessels. The presence of potassium and folate protect the heart and makes you feel healthy.

Maintain bone and teeth health – Bones and teeth are related to calcium and Guar beans act as a perfect source of calcium and magnesium. It strengthens your bones and teeth as well as protects them from any infection or disease.

Perfect choice for Diabetics – People suffering from high blood sugar levels should consume guar beans regularly because they have low glycemic index. It helps in maintaining low sugar levels in the blood that is helpful for diabetic patients.

Eliminate toxins – Guar beans contain antioxidants that help in removing toxic radicals from our body. This further helps in reducing the chances of cancer.

Maintain blood pressure – If you are looking for a home remedy for lowering blood pressure, then consuming guar beans can be beneficial.

Good for anemic patients – Guar is a vital source of iron that helps in absorbing iron in our body in the most soluble form thereby reducing the chances of anemia.

Great for pregnant women – For expecting mothers, folic acid is as crucial as iron and calcium during pregnancy and cluster beans are rich in folic acid along with the latter two. Hence, doctors recommend pregnant women to consume guar beans to avoid birth problems. Also, vitamin K present in Guar beans is really important for fetus growth in the womb.

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