Pomegranate- A Beneficial Fruit for Your Health

29. December 2016 Pomegranate 0
Pomegranate- A Beneficial Fruit for Your Health

Pomegranate, which is an exotic fruit and cultivated from very olden time, firstly grown in ancient Persia. Pomegranate word is taken from the Roman, which means “seed apple”. Pomegranate can treat dementia, cancer, diabetes and menopausal problems and prevent the sunburn. Organically produced pomegranate is good for your health.

The health benefits of Pomegranate include:


The antioxidant contained by Pomegranate is three times more than Green tea and red wine. It is loaded with Vitamin C and Potassium. Antioxidant basically lowers down the bad cholesterol of the body.

Nutrient Value

The 100 ml serving of Pomegranate can provide 16% of Vitamin C, of the quantity which human being requires in a day. The seeds of Pomegranate are a rich source of fiber, they also contain and supply the unsaturated oil in human body.

Prevent Heart Disease

Pomegranate as a whole either the seeds or its juice is considered as the best tonic for throat and heart. It has been proved by the researchers that either drinking the pomegranate juice or eating the seeds of pomegranate can increase the oxygen flow in the body. Even they act like aspirin, so prevent the blood clot formation in the human body

Lower Cancer Risk

Pomegranate also slows down the growth process of prostate cancer, even in some researches it has been seen that pomegranate delayed the growth of cancer tumor and due to this the survival chances were increased in the patient.

Diarrhea Treatment

The bark of the pomegranate tree and the skin of the fruit are used as the traditional remedy for intestinal parasites and diarrhea.

Repair Damaged Cells

Pomegranate is good for skin and tissues. It can tone the human skin and improves the complexion. The seed oil of pomegranate is used to rejuvenate dull skin and for adding the moisture in the cosmetic products. It can improve the skin and protect it from damaging.

You may decide that how should you can use the pomegranate. You can either use it as a juice or eat the seeds of or can get many health benefits from it. When you buy the pomegranate try to pick, having bright red color and heavy by weight. It will taste good and will be health benefits It is a seasonal fruit, so buying it in its season will always be good. The fruit is filled with translucent, juicy seeds and they are surrounded by a fibrous white pith.

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