Milk is Complete Food

20. November 2017 Milk 0
Milk is Complete Food

For centuries, Milk is regarded as the full meal. A balanced diet should have a healthy balance of Proteins, Vitamins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, and Water. Just 1 cup of Milk has all 6 ingredients in a reasonable quantity. 4 servings of Milk in a day is sufficient to keep a person healthy. So let us explore how Milk is beneficial.

Good for Bones and Teeth – Bones & teeth play an important role in the human body. With aging, the density of bones and teeth starts reducing. This is because both are made of high volumes of Calcium that is easily depleted through urine. Milk has a healthy & high concentration of Calcium in easily absorbable form.

Energy Boost – Apart from Calcium, milk also contains the right amount of calories that are required by our body to function throughout the day. Milk has just the right amount of calories to keep you going in the day. Latest studies have shown that those people who daily consume 2-3 cups of milk are better able to manage their weight and obesity.

Stimulates Breast Milk – For nursing mothers, drinking at least 500 ml of milk on daily basis is important because it helps in stimulating breast milk. Studies have also shown that drinking milk can reduce the risk of fertility problems and ovulation problems.

Good for Eyes: – Milk contains the good amount of Vitamin-A and Lupin which are very essential for eye health.

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