Live long, live healthy, choose the right tea to drink

Live long, live healthy, choose the right tea to drink

Yoga is for body, mind & soul. Meditation and physical exercise that forms Yoga is a disciplined practice, and if done right, it shall enrich you with a healthy mind and body. But many people do not know that there are ample of choices for healthy drinks, whether cold or hot.

It is no surprise therefore, that Herbal teas are gaining huge popularity. People from all walks of life, regardless of background they come from, want to choose healthy foods. And, while wholesome foods are abundantly available, healthy drinks are either not too commonly available or known.

There are different forms of herbal teas, especially organic & vegan-friendly teas like Green tea, Detox tea, Flower Tea, Yoga herbal organic tea, Plum tea, Ginger tea and many more.

Herbal tea takes this passion to the next level by creating a concoction from different but complementary herbs, infused together. With warm water, the tea provides an enrichment of body, mind & soul, similar to what you generate from your Yoga. Warm water provides a relaxing and detoxicating effect for the mind & soul, while the herbal tea provides numerous health benefits for the body. Because of the herbs present in the tea, Yoga Herbal tea has long-lasting positive effects on your wellbeing. Ingredients like Ginger, Lemon, Cardamom, Cinnamon, it helps in fighting various ailments of our body. Some of the benefits of each of these ingredients are given below.

A popular root used in Ayurveda since ancient times for its aromatic, energizing and medicinal properties. It helps in fighting common cold and cough. It helps improve digestion and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Cinnamon has a sweet smelling aroma, but it is considered as a warm spice. It can help regulate blood sugar levels in the body, so it is quite beneficial for diabetes.

It has an extremely strong smell that augments the flavor of the tea. Cardamom helps with detoxicating the body and improves digestion. It is also used as an excellent mouth freshener.

Drinking lemon water as the first drink in the morning keeps the body hydrated, detoxifies and restores the pH balance in the body. Lemon also packs powerful anti-oxidants, along with a healthy boost of Vitamin C which improves the immune system.

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