Lemon Verbena Tea – An Amazing Health Healer

Lemon Verbena Tea – An Amazing Health Healer

Lemon Verbena is native to Chile and Argentina. The plant and its leaves are used both externally and internally to treat a number of health ailments, including fortifying the nervous system, alleviating the digestive track, lessening feverish cold, and easing tension and stress. Its external effects include healing, toning and calming the skin and to reduce puffiness and diminish acne. It is also good for hair health. Other therapeutic healthy properties of Lemon Verbena are:

A cup of herbal tea can keep the body hydrated throughout the day, which is indeed essential to keep the organ healthy and functional. At least 6 to 8 glasses of water are recommended for humans to drink in a day and herbal tea can provide you with a sufficient amount of this recommended amount. A single cup of lemon verbena tea has only 2 calories, so it can be a good substitute for calorie-rich caffeine tea.

Protects Against Muscle Damage
Lemon verbena tea is a good supplement for those who work out every day. A lemon verbena tea is recommended as an antioxidant supplement, as it has been proven by studies that it can reduce the overall muscle damage, which workout participants can experience during exercise.

Treat Joint Problems
People who are suffering from joint pain, a Lemon Verbena diet, and omega-3 fatty acid is often recommended. Consuming Lemon verbena tea for around 3 to 4 weeks can show the significant effect on joint mobility and reduce joint pain as well. The antioxidant properties of lemon verbena are a great supplement for joint care.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, it possesses a soothing effect to strengthen the nervous system, minimizing the high fever and to improve the digestive system disorders. For a range of illness, it is highly effective and a cup of lemon verbena tea can provide you all the benefits of the herbal plant.

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