Inexplicable Health Benefits of Onion

23. January 2017 Onion 0
Inexplicable Health Benefits of Onion

Onions are amazingly health beneficial for a number of diseases and can provide a good enough nutritional benefits of organic sulfur compounds. Even without adding any extra calories, fat or sodium onion can provide an excellent flavor to the dish. Onions are high in Vitamin C, chromium, biotin, calcium and folic acid.

Onions are rich in quercetin antioxidant, which helps in lowering blood pressure and can avoid blood clots, sinus infection, asthma, bronchitis. Onions have powerful anti-cancer properties, which can reverse the growth of cancer tumor of any body part. Onions are significantly beneficial for lung, prostate, colon, stomach and ovarian cancer.

The valuable sulfur compound of onion can strengthen the immune and nervous system and human brain, even onion is considered as an important and potential ingredients for oral health. Chewing raw onion can inhibit the oral germs, present around lips and throat.

A rare and unusual mineral chromium, found in onion, helps in managing the body, blood sugar level and can control diabetes like severe disease. It can relieve earache (for that use a few drops of onion juice), to get the glowing skin, arthritis, gout and acne, sore throat can be treated with honey and onion juice. Eating onions with jaggery and water can improve anemic conditions up to a great extent.

In your kitchen you can pair it with almost every dish. Use these health beneficial onions as topping for your salad or in roasted, caramelized or sautéed form. One can use onion by frying it in oil, pickled in vinegar, boiled or baked. However, Onion can make us cry, but it gives the tears of joy. In various culinary onion can be used and provide the health benefits with its sweet flavor.

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