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30. January 2017 Spinach 0
Go Green

Superbly healthy and organic Spinach is loaded with tons of nutrients and low in calories. Leafy spinach is good for many health-related concerns. For strong bones and muscles, calcium is an important mineral. Depleted levels of calcium can lead to bone disorders. Dairy products are considered a good source of several vitamins and minerals like calcium, however even spinach has high levels of minerals, including calcium, nitrate and vitamin K, as a result of which spinach is considered as a good food for strengthening bones and muscles.

Nitrate for Muscles
Leafy Vegetable Spinach contains a good enough amount of Nitrate. According to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, the natural nitrate content of this green veggie helps in toning muscle and increase endurance. The nitrate content of spinach fuels mitochondria (little engines of our body cells, which can provide more energy on less oxygen), as a result of which muscles work more efficiently, especially during exercise or workouts.

Calcium and Vitamin K for Bones

Spinach not only helps in building strong muscles, but also being a rich source of Vitamin K (According to United States Department of Agriculture), it can provide a sufficient amount of Vitamin K, as a result of which the body can absorb calcium properly and the bones become stronger. The essential components Vitamin K, calcium and magnesium of spinach are good for bone health.

Inclusion of plenty of spinach in your regular diet can keep the doctor away. Being one of the best sources of dietary magnesium, it can make your heart healthy, maintain your muscles, provide you a strong immune system and help in maintaining blood pressure.

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