Eating Potatoes can be healthier than you think

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Eating Potatoes can be healthier than you think

Potato is the most used and loved vegetable all across the globe. However, not many people are aware that potatoes are a highly nutritious vegetable than just being a delicious accessory to a meal. The health benefits of the vegetable are so great that they can be defined as the “underground health super food”.

Potatoes are highly rich in Vitamins and Minerals, especially Vitamin C and Potassium. Also, being an underground root vegetable it supports secretive storage of nutrients and has a considerable amount of starch which provides energy to our body. They are also a reasonably good source of iron, phosphorus and magnesium that aids in protecting our body from various ailments.

Health benefits

Digestion – Potatoes are very high in carbohydrates. Hence, they are easy to digest and even facilitate digestion. That is the reason; pediatricians recommend potatoes for babies because they are unable to digest hard food. Potatoes also contain a high amount of fiber that helps in stimulating peristaltic movement with increased discharge of gastric juices which helps in digestion and prevents from constipation.

Prevent Heart troubles – Since potatoes contain a considerable amount of roughage or fiber, it prevents from building cholesterol in our arteries.

Weight Gain – Potatoes are a blessed vegetable for lean and skinny people. Due to high amounts of carbohydrates and very less protein, it makes an ideal vegetable for those looking for weight gain. The presence of Vitamin C and B-complex helps in sustaining carbohydrates. That is the reason potatoes make a large part of the diet for wrestlers.

Rheumatism – Potatoes have two effects on the disease. One, due to the presence of vitamins like calcium and magnesium, it can provide relief from rheumatism. Boiled water obtained from the boiling of potatoes can also relieve pain and inflammation of the condition. However, the second part can have adverse effects as well. Since potatoes are high in starch, it has a tendency to increase body weight. Therefore, patients with rheumatism need to maintain balance while consuming potatoes.

Lower blood pressure – Potatoes can eliminate multiple causes of increased blood pressure.

Potatoes can prove to be nutritious if consumed with caution. Healthy perks of this vegetable are many. Eating in a well-balanced diet can boost up health and fitness.

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