Drink Flower tea to improve health

Drink Flower tea to improve health

Can you imagine a tea made out of flowers? Think not! But that’s actually true. With herbal teas getting high popularity these days, flower teas are making a huge business in the Ayurvedic world. Why? This is because flowers like rose, jasmine, marigold or rhubarb have great health benefits that one could ever realise. You might not consume flowers in your daily meals, but concoctions made out of them are easy to consume and flavourful, not to mention healthy.

Flowers can make any place look beautiful and fresh. The moment you are in a place filled with flowers, you automatically feel healthy because the fragrance from them mesmerizes you and can even boost the function of your energies. Therefore, consuming flower tea at least once a day can make you feel fresh and healthy all day.

Flower teas come in single flower teas like Jasmine tea or Rose tea or it could be a combination of different flowers. This article will discuss more the blended version of the flower tea and will talk about the benefits that you can enjoy from different flowers in one tea.

Usually, blended flower teas can be made from 5 flowers like Rose, Rhubarb, Marigold, Rosehips and Jasmine. Each flower has its own distinctive benefit on the human body. Let’s find out one by one the benefits of every flower on the human body:


Rose Flower – Rose is the most widely used flower in the world; not only because of its beauty but also for its strong health benefits. Consuming rose can help in boosting blood circulation in the body. Also, it instigates energy cells in your body. So, if you are feeling tired or suffering from some pain, Rose can help you get back on your feet.

Rhubarb – Rhubarb is excellent for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Also if you are looking for weight loss, then Rhubarb tea can bring great changes in you. Also, it helps in improving digestion, stimulates bone growth, prevents you from diseases like cancer, improves metabolism and most importantly, keeps you away from various cardiovascular diseases.

Marigold Flower – if you are a patient of depression or getting stressed because of various reasons in your life; marigold flower tea can help you come out of your pains easily. Marigold is a flower that has been used for thousands of years to lighten signs of nervous tension and also to prevent insomnia. It is one flower that is used in making ointments and creams. However, every marigold flower does not medicinal properties. Specifically, the Calendula marigold has an enormous amount of health benefits.

Rosehip – Rosehip today is used for its beauty and gifting purposes. However, in ancient times, it was used to cure many ailments. Rosehips are sweet and tangy in flavor and are used in the preparation of food products like jams and jellies. But it can also be used to make herbal tea. It is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, which is proven to be beneficial in controlling heart and cancer disease. Vitamin C is also known as an energy booster, therefore, you can consume the tea if you are feeling tired or stressed.

Jasmine Flower – Jasmine has always been related to strong fragrance. Today it is used as a herb to make Ayurvedic tea. Including jasmine in a herbal tea can bring strong flavors and scent to the tea. There are a variety of health benefits that jasmine offers, like it lowers the risk of heart attacks, has cancer-fighting properties, prevents diabetes, boosts the immune system that helps in fighting strong diseases, improves gastro-intestinal function improvement and lowering cholesterol levels in the body. So, consuming Jasmine tea can be highly beneficial for your body.

So, next time if you try to make a cup of regular tea, think of the bigger health benefits that you can enjoy by preparing a pungent and relaxing pot of blossom tea.

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