Chia seeds – Healthiest food on planet

30. October 2017 Chia Seeds 0
Chia seeds – Healthiest food on planet

Chia seeds have been talked about a lot because of its tremendous health benefits. This single super-food provides wholesome benefits of other fruits and vegetables. Despite the size, it has all important nutrients and vitamins that are required for our body. Let us see some of the major health benefits provided by this humble food.

High nutritional value – it is known to be the healthiest food on the planet because of its high nutritional value. They have 30% Protein, 35% Omega fatty acids, 25% insoluble fibre, antioxidants and almost every vitamin and mineral required by the body.

Help in weight loss – Consuming Chia seeds in your diet can reduce weight significantly because it contains high fibre content and oil content that acts as bulk agents. This means that the moment they enter in your stomach, you automatically start feeling full, thereby suppressing the urge to eat. Chia seeds most beneficial properties is that it turns into gel.

Lowers blood sugar – it acts as a barrier between carbohydrates and digestive enzymes which are responsible for slowing down the conversion process of carbohydrate to sugar thereby lowering down the blood sugar level in the body.

Relieves from Pain – it contains high amounts of Omega-3 acids that are highly beneficial to our body. These Omega-3 gives it amazing anti-inflammatory properties which have been proven effective in joint pains and Arthritis.

Improve digestive health – Being super high in dietary fibre, it helps in regularising of stools thereby improving digestive health.

Stronger bones – Consuming one ounce of chia seeds daily can provide you an adequate amount of Calcium required by your body. Calcium is important for bone health and also helps in maintaining the strength of bones and muscles.

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