Bitter Guard: The Medicinal Fruit for Pancreatic Cancer, Diabetes & More…

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Bitter Guard: The Medicinal Fruit for Pancreatic Cancer, Diabetes & More…

Younger, tender and edible fruit pods of bitter gourd are in the Momordica genus. This tropical plant can sweeten your health by the virtue of its health promoting and disease-deterring phytochemical compounds. Being exceptionally healthy, bumpy-skinned bitter gourd is low in calories and contains high measures of health supplements.

Dr. Schallenberger M.D. Of Anti Aging Treatment and Alternative Medicine at The Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine used bitter gourd to battle pancreatic cancer and revealed that bitter gourd can inhibit the cancer cell growth naturally. Dr. Schallenberger found in his studies (Just Naturally Healthy) that consuming diluted bitter gourd juice regularly is a successful instrument to hinder the development of malignant cells. The University of Colorado also announced that it can decrease the size of pancreatic cancer up to 64%.

And here is why Bitter is Better….

Why Bitter is Better

Diabetes: Usually people use bitter gourd as a diabetes remedy due to its hypoglycemic action. Insulin like peptides, charantin and alkaloids can lower urine and blood sugar levels, without affecting the insulin levels. Drinking bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach everyday in the morning can lower diabetes.

Constipation/Indigestion: Bitter gourd can invigorate constipation or piles, as it is a good source of fiber. Being a good digestive agent, it can help in boosting the gastric juice secretion. For patients of constipation and piles, bitter gourd juice can help a lot.

Blood Purifier: Blood-related diseases like blood poisoning and blood boil can be treated by this bitter fruit. Mostly the fruit is recommended as a blood purifier. Having a glass of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach can improve your skin by purifying the blood.

Immunity Booster: Inclusion of bitter gourd in your regular diet can improve your immunity system. It may help you in expanding your body’s resistance against any infection.

Vision Improvement: It helps in enhancing visual perception and reducing any eye issues due to its high beta-carotene properties.

Bitter gourd fruit is not only recommended for the aforementioned health-related issues, but also for other diseases as well. The fruit is significantly effective for issues like alcohol intoxication, cholera, skin care, HIV and weight loss. It would be rather hard to consume this healthy but bitter fruit directly, but try and include it in your diet as juice, soup, curry or vegetable to get all of its direct health benefits.

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