Basil (Tulsi) for medical conditions

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Basil (Tulsi) for medical conditions

Tulsi has captured a significant position in the medical world. Many Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers are currently using Tulsi basil for creating their medicines because Tulsi is known to promote longevity and sound health.

This ancient herb is famous for its therapeutic value and can protect from many infections. Drinking Tulsi water helps as a detoxifying agent because it kills the germs and removes toxins from the body. Just having basil plants around the house protect from various kinds of respiratory infections.

Health benefits of Tulsi basil

Cures fever – Tulsi is known to have medicinal properties is that of essential oils and Phytonutrients. Its germicidal properties works as an excellent antibiotic disinfectant agent thereby protecting the body from external infections likes virus, bacteria, fungi etc. Since fever is caused by these microbes, consuming Tulsi basil kills the pathogens, thus lowering the infections and expedites healing from fever.

Cures respiratory disorders – Due to the presence of essential oils, Tulsi is great for curing any kind of respiratory problems, especially congestion, cold, and cough. These essential oils work miraculously on acute bronchitis as well. Even for treating asthma, Tulsi basil is proven to be quite beneficial because it facilitates smooth breathing.

Prevent lungs disorders – Apart from curing respiratory problems, it also helps in curing damages caused to lungs due to smoking or other pollutants. Due to compounds like Vitamin C and essential oils, it also helps in preventing lung cancer.

Reduced cholesterol level – Antioxidants and Vitamin C together with essential oils helps in protecting the heart from free radicals. Eugenol helps in reducing cholesterol levels that further helps in chances of heart troubles.

Relieves stress – Holy basil is known as a stress reducing agent because Camphene helps in soothing nerves, lowering blood pressure, reduce inflammation and thus reducing anxiety and stress.

Oral and dental care – Tulsi is known to provide 100% protection from bad breath and infection in the mouth. It is an excellent mouth freshener because its freshness longs for an entire day. Also, holy basil reduces the growth of oral cancer caused due to chewing of tobacco.

Prevents kidney stone – Tulsi basil is a great detoxifying agent. It helps in reducing the Uric acid level in the body. Uric acid is mainly responsible for kidney stones. Tulsi helps in increased urination frequency thereby cleaning out the kidney stones.

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