Are Tomatoes healthy for you? Let’s find out

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Are Tomatoes healthy for you? Let’s find out

Tomatoes are botanically known to be a fruit, however, it is mostly used as a vegetable. This pulpy red fruit is tangy in taste, but is also very good for health.

Let us further discuss some nutritional benefits of tomatoes:

  • Tomatoes are a good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals and at the same time have lower amounts of calories and fats. So, for people who are obese, tomatoes are highly recommended.
  • For improving bone health, tomatoes are an excellent source. Due to the presence of Vitamin K and a considerable amount of calcium, it helps in strengthening our bones and even repairs them easily if broken.
  • Cancer patients should include tomatoes in their daily diets because of high levels of lycopene in tomatoes that helps reducing your probabilities of developing prostate and stomach cancer. Lycopene is an antioxidant that aids in plummeting the growth of cancerous cells.
  • The red pulpy fruit helps in providing essential antioxidants to our body because it contains high amounts of vital vitamins like Vitamin A & C. These vitamins act as powerful antioxidants to help neutralize harmful radicals in our body. These free radicals when present in the blood can do large amount of damage to body cells. So eating tomatoes can help in keeping us heathy to a great extent.
  • The red color of the tomato is due to the presence of beta-carotene. It is often believed that the redder the tomato, the better is your health. So, for the sake of good health, tomatoes should be consumed raw.
  • Consuming tomatoes can help in maintaining potassium/sodium balance which helps in regulating blood pressure and sustaining good heart health.
  • If you want to cure blisters and ulcers in your mouth, eat tomatoes.

To sum it up, tomatoes are a deep red fruit or vegetable that not only entices your taste buds but also provide some exceptional nutritional benefits as well.

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