5 reasons how Rosemary is good for your health

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5 reasons how Rosemary is good for your health

In a scientific research done in a small town in Italy, it was found that more than 10 people are above 100 years and still healthy. So, what is the secret behind the long healthy life? After a lot of research, it was found that the residents of this colony consume Rosemary on a regular basis that has lead to the longevity. So, does that mean that this aromatic herb can do more than just stimulating the flavors of a dish? Absolutely!

Rosemary herb is an aromatic member of the mint family. Grown in dry soils with little protection, Rosemary is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It is considered bitter and pungent with a warm temperature that is known to cure stomach ailments. The volatile oils present in the shrub are known to stimulate brain activities. Here are more benefits of Rosemary.

Improved brain function – consuming Rosemary is known as the oldest methods for improving brain function. The active ingredient known as the Carnosic acid can ward off free radicals that are responsible for brain damage.

Relieving stress – Many spas today use oils that have Rosemary as their primary ingredient. Rosemary is considered as the best ingredient in aromatherapy to relieve stress. Rosemary, with the combination of other ingredients, can lower the Cortisol levels that further lower anxiety levels in the body.

Hair Treatment – Hair fall is a common problem today. Applying oil that has amounts of Rosemary along with other ingredients can help in improving hair growth.

Muscle pains – Rosemary is known to have calming effects on the body. All because of the anti-inflammatory properties present in the herb. Rosemary oil when applied on affected painful areas can ease the muscle pain as well as arthritis related pain.

Reduce chances of cancer – Numerous studies have proved that Rosemary is effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells; hence it can stop the existing tumors from growing and even reduce them gradually. Rosemary has been found effective in curing different types of cancers like breast and colon.

In nutshell, do not miss these miraculous benefits of this herb. It is very easy to grow Rosemary in your home herb garden for its freshness, smell, flavor, and medicinal use.

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